Celebration Hearts Cupid's Arrow Diamond

Celebration Hearts Cupid's Arrows Diamond - 1 in a million

Only 1 in 1,000,000 cut and polished round diamonds meets our exacting standards of total perfection. As such, Cupid’s Arrow™ Cut diamonds cannot be produced in large quantities because only special selected roughs can be cut to such fine specifications. Rarity makes this diamond very special. And because rarity creates an increased sense of value and prestige, it makes this diamond more desirable to own and show off.
Each diamond 0.25 carats and in an engagement ring is also inscribed with the unique certificate number on the girdle as well as with the Celebration Hearts logo which signifies its authenticity.


Celebration Hearts Cupid’s Arrows Diamond - Shinier Diamond 

Cupid’s Arrows diamonds possess a more visible brilliance than any normal diamond. They refract one hundred percent of the light that hits them which makes the diamond appear shinier and simply dazzling.

Fire: As you view a diamond you may notice that flashes of other colors become visible as it catches the light. We call this the diamond’s fire, the stone is alive with it. When light is shined through the diamond, colors such as orange, red, and even more can be seen. 

Brilliance: A diamond is considered to have a high brilliance if it reflects a large amount of bright light when it is viewed from the top. When light enters a diamond and leaks out the side or bottom of the stone, it is not very brilliant. If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, this may allow light to escape, which will affect the stone’s brilliance. 

Scintillation: In the science of Physics, scintillation is when a small flash of visible
or ultraviolet light is emitted. In a Celebration Hearts diamond brief flashes of light bounce off of our diamonds as it moves relative to your eye position. Our diamonds are cut to produce a maximum scintillation; this is why the Cupid’s ArrowTM cut is so important and special.

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