Celebration Hearts Quality Assurance

Celebration Hearts Certification

Each and Every Celebration Hearts Jewelry item comes with our own certificate of authenticity. * Every diamond 0.25 carats can also be certified by any third party Gemological Laboratories ** in North America and by DGLA, Diamond and Gem Laboratories of America for South America. Each diamond 0.25 carats and above in an engagement ring is also inscribed with the unique certificate number on the girdle as well as with the Celebration Hearts logo which signifies its authenticity. If you’d like to make your jewelry piece even more unique, custom Inscriptions can be done on the diamond for the nominal price of $100.

*All certificates are designed and produced in-house and are not as per any third party laboratory standards. We follow strictest standards when it comes to our grading and assortment. However, we are not liable for any claims arising out of third party laboratory claims except that we promise to refund the amount in full if you are not satisfied with our purchase.
**Certification requires additional 3 weeks production time and will cost $75.


Worldwide Quality Assurance

Celebration hearts jewelry is produced using our own Cupid’s Arrow™ cut, hearts and arrow diamond, on which we offer a lifetime warranty. We commit to repairing your products over a lifetime at a nominal fee. We stand behind our product’s quality and with that we want our customers to shop with complete confidence and peace of mind. All Celebration Hearts jewelry can be certified as heart and arrows diamond jewelry anywhere in the world with any laboratory. We adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to diamond cutting worldwide. 


Expert Craftmanship

Only a handful of highly skilled craftsmen worldwide possess the expertise and experience to be trained to cut diamonds to such high standards of perfection. At Celebration Hearts, we employ only the best craftsmen in the field to cut and polish our diamonds. It is very timely for diamonds to be cut to perfect hearts and arrows proportions. All our craftsmen treat each piece of Celebration Hearts jewelry as world class and do not compromise when it comes to our final product’s quality.

*All images and diagrams are for illustrative and explanatory purposes only. The screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. The company cannot be held responsible of any claims for errors or misinformation.