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4 Perks To Having A Winter Wedding

Ever considered having a Winter Wonderland wedding? Winter is a truly unique and extraordinary season to host your special day! Since fewer and fewer receptions take place during this time, yours will naturally stand out!

Below are 4 major perks you can only get away with at a winter wedding!


Let It Snow

Okay, you can’t actually control the weather (and you wouldn’t want a snowstorm to hit on your big wedding day, anyway) but you CAN make it snow when you walk down the aisle…or during your first dance! The falling snow will add a magical effect during the winter season, but would definitely look silly during any other time of the year.

Heat Things Up Behind the Bar

You may want to forego the tropical frozen drinks for some even better winter replacements. A great idea could be a make-your-own hot chocolate bar, filled with all kinds of mix-ins like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Top it all off with flavored alcohol like RumChata or Pinnacle Salted Caramel. Other drinks that would fit the season would be mulled apple cider, hot toddies, or spiked coffee!

Expand Your Honeymoon Options

It’s very inconvenient that peak wedding season (May- September) coincides with peak hurricane season, especially in the Caribbean. However, the winter is the perfect time to make a tropical escape! Leave all of the snow and ice behind while enjoying a perfect and romantic day on the beach. Another option could be taking advantage of the cold weather and hitting the slopes on your honeymoon.

Score Free Décor

Take advantage of the holiday season! If you plan your wedding by a big holiday like Christmas, New Years, or Valentine’s Day- there is a good chance good chance that your venue will already have decorations in place. When you meet with your venue, ask when and how they decorate for the holidays so that you do not need to worry about filling gaps (like centerpieces).


You spend your whole life dreaming of this day. At CJ Jewels, we are dedicated to helping your special day be a unique one that is filled with love and everlasting memories.